On 31 May 2013, at the José María Fernández Nieto Social Centre in Palencia, the 3rd General Assembly of the V&P Smart City Initiative was held.

This 3rd Assembly was attended by the Mayors of Valladolid and Palencia and Mr. Ricardo González (Director General for Energy and Mines of the Castilla Leon Regional Government), as well as by representatives of the participating organisations.

Throughout the morning, topics relating to the state of the Initiative were debated, and the activities and ongoing projects being carried out were reviewed, as well as other “Smart” actions in Palencia and Valladolid. Participants also attended a presentation of the V&P Smart City Strategic Plan, prepared by 1A Consultants.

Finally, the opportunities and challenges ahead for V&P Smart City were debated and information relating to the proposed conversion of Valladolid and Palencia Smart City into an association, especially centring on the services and advantages that this new situation will offer the Initiative partners.