• Full title: CommONEnergy, redefining shopping centres, from consumerism to energy conservation
  • Project Call: EeB.NMP.2013-6. 7th EU Framework Programme.
  • Main aim: Redirect actions in refurbishing buildings to larger changes, focused on enrgy efficiency
  • Towns and cities involved: Valladolid, Trondheim, Genoa.
  • Coordinator: EURAC (Italy).

The CommONEnergy project aims to provide practical solutions and support tools to transform shopping centres malls or “malls” into buildings of reference due to their architecture and energy-efficient systems.

The project aims to transform CommONEnergy malls into reference of architecture and energy efficient systems. The goal is to redefine shopping centres through deep conversion, using a holistic systemic approach and incorporating innovative solutions and technologies as well as methods and tools to facilitate their implementation. The credit-worthiness of the solutions will be proven in three demonstrator centers in Norway, Italy and Spain, which will reduce their consumption significantly while improving comfort conditions estimated by evaluating their lifecycle environmental impact.

We hope that the multidisciplinary and integrated research proposed by the  CommONEnergy consortium has a strong impact not only on key stakeholders in the energy efficiency of buildings or in the commercial sector, but also on the customers themselves in the shopping centres. The aim is to make the benefits of the project tangible to a wider audience and thus create awareness of the importance of more sustainable consumer behaviour.

The project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union FP7/2007-2013 , grant agreement 608678 .

Project starting date: 1 October 2013
Duration: 48 months
Coordinator: EURAC (Italy) www.eurac.edu

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In the case of Valladolid, work will be done on Mercado del Val:

Aspecto actual del Mercado del Val en Valladolid

Recreación del Mercado del Val tras la actuación CommONEnergy