This project involves the development of a hardware-software integration platform for ICT subsystems to support the energy management of buildings and security systems. It is being implemented at the Huerta del Rey Sports Centre (Valladolid). CARTIF handles the technical development of the initiative and the City Council has allowed the building to be used for demonstration purposes.

  • Fiull title: “Control & Automation Management of Buildings & Public Spaces”
  • Project Call: EeB.ICT.2011. FP7 E2B PPP 2011
  • Main aim: The development of a hardware/software platform to integrate different ICT subsystems which support the energy management of buildings and public spaces.
  • Leader: University College Cork, National University of Ireland.
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The project focuses on buildings and public spaces from the point of view of energy efficiency in its operational phase. For its implementation, the project brings together a consortium with research experience from Germany (telecommunications), Ireland (TICS in AEC and Artificial Intelligence), Austria (constructional aspects in buildings) and Spain (TICS in energy facilities) and with industrial experience in 3 sectors (construction and facilities management, service system manufacturers for buildings, energy supply and service providers) and the experience of the Public Administration.

The project will develop, implement and test a hardware-software platform for the integration of ICT subsystems to support the energy management of buildings and security systems. Demonstration of the progress made can already be seen in spaces where users are performing their everyday actions (living labs). These demonstrators are used to increase the scale and expand the scope of the project from simple buildings to a campus or building complex. Three places have been chosen to perform validation tasks: the campus of University College Cork (Ireland), a multiple-use and sports stadium in Germany and a sports complex in Valladolid in Spain.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission.

All information on the results is available on the project website.