The following are some of the projects currently being organised under the initiative:


cencyl_ CENCYL cities network
A project to create collaboration between the cities and towns involved in the project, in issues related to urban development and competitiveness, and to establish a cooperation network of strong and sustainable cities and towns.
campus21_ Campus21 Project
This project involves the development of a hardware-software integration platform for ICT subsystems to support the energy management of buildings and security systems. It is being implemented at the Huerta del Rey Sports Centre (Valladolid).CARTIF handles the technical development of the initiative and the City Council has allowed the building to be used for demonstration purposes.
livecity_ LiveCity
Video-to-video applications can be used to save lives, improve city management, reduce fuel costs and carbon footprints and improve education, culture and tourism in the town or city. This project intends to carry out demonstration activities through video-to-video services in five cities over a wide range of areas: emergency services, e-health, education and citizen services.
VyPciudadesinteligentes_ Valladolid y Palencia: Smart Cities
The Valladolid-Palencia: Smart Cities project, aims to build an advanced ICT platform to inform users of the availability and location of parking spaces for people with disabilities and also of charging points for electric cars. It will additionally allow the municipalities of Valladolid and Palencia to obtain truthful and up-to-date occupancy information on parking spaces and charging stations for electric cars so steps can be taken to improve services offered to citizens.
r2cities_ R2Cities
The R2Cities Project, Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES, has as its main aim to develop innovating technology for energy saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions.
commonenergy_ CommONEnergy
The project aims to transform malls into reference of architecture and energy efficient systems. .In the case of Valladolid, work will be done on Mercado del Val, and the other two cities involved are Trondheim y Génova.