11th October 2013 was a key date for the Valladolid & Palencia Smart City Initiative since it became an Association on that date. The Inaugural Minutes of this private-state partnership, which has already been around for three years,  state its objective to boost innovation projects.

The creation of an Association will Valladolid and Palencia Smart City a more solid structure for its performance, in line with the needs of making the initiative a European benchmark in the collaboration between public and private companies in the field of smart cities.

The ceremony, which was held at the Valladolid City Hall, was attended by the following organisations:

  • Valladolid and Palencia City Councils, EREN, the Valladolid Provincia Authority and CARTIF
  • Acciona, Lince-Asprona Group, Telefónica, Iberdrola, GMV, Urbaser, Aguas de Valladolid, Repsol, Culturatic, EAM Sistemas Informáticos, 1A Ingenieros, Próxima Systems and Geoslab.

Over its three years of existence, the Valladolid and Palencia Smart City Initiative has promoted five projects representing a total of €14.5 million.