Fundación Socinfo and the Sociedad de la Información Review have awarded Valladolid and Palencia Smart City the ‘ Information Society Smart Cities 2014 Contracts and Projects’ award in the category of ‘Cooperation between Cities and Regions’.

For the competition, the prizes of which were awarded on March 25th (2014), 78 applications were received of which the jury assessed their informal cooperation, temporary units, joint committees and joint action to request European aid to finally reward 13 participants in the different categories.

The story of V&P Smart City dates back to 2010 when Valladolid and Palencia signed an agreement along with a group of companies and organisations involved in the project. In 2013 the 18 partners of this initiative, a public-private partnership, signed the founding charter and bylaws to turn the project into a fully-fledged legal body.

In its nomination, V&P Smart City offered information not only on the origin and evolution of the initiative, but also on some of its most innovative projects such as LiveCity, RecargaVYP, Campus 21 and Smart Heritage Buildings.