The “Smartcity” concept

A smart city is a new city concept, more economically and environmentally sustainable, more efficient in energy use and in city management and more attractive for citizens and visitors, as well as more participative in public life and government.


V&P SmartCity, a different initiative

V&P Smart City was created with the objective of promoting and facilitating the binding of Valladolid and Palencia to create innovative projects to be implemented in urban and intercity scenarios.

The Valladolid and Palencia Smart City initiative sets off from a highly novel point of view: It encompasses not one but two cities which are nearby and have different features, adding the transportation from one city to the other as a yet another challenge for the Smart City:

  • Many citizens commute to the other city on a daily basis for work or study
  • Urban and and intercurban goods transport


The SmartCity is more than a project; it is a public-private partnership platform to create the perfect setting for joint and individual innovative initiatives



Multiple scenarios are contemplated within the Smart City initiative, among which we can highlight the following:

  • The cities’ energy consumption networks
  • Public buildings (Energy Efficiency)
  • Transport network and traffic management
  • Health system
  • Social and cultural fields (integration)
  • Communications system, internet
  • City management
  • etc.


The VyP Smart City initiative is promoted and backed by the public administration and is supported in its real activities by companies. Additionally, the initiative is technologically enriched by research centres and is constantly in touch with citizens.

Finally, we should mention that there are severla European cities that have adopted the Smart City concept:


  • Malaga
  • Santander
  • Nice
  • Nüremberg
  • Amsterdam
  • Helsinki
  • Bristol
  • etc.

If you belong to a dynamic organisation with significant activity devoted to R&D and wish to take part in this group, please fill in the contact form and we will let you know about the membership application process.