The VyP Smart City Initiative jointly involves the public administration, companies, research centres, universities and associations.


The City councils:

  • Support the external visibility of the Initiative
  • Are receptive to suggestions from other participants
  • Favour diverse actions, facilitating access to city infrastructure to companies and research centres
  • If possible, they adapt action plans to carry out the goals set by the Initiative
  • Undertake institutional representation
  • Encourage the participation of all stakeholders
  • Coordinate the Standing Committee


On the other hand, companies, centres and other agents are responsible for:

  • Considering and encouraging, to the extent possible, that the actions they promote are visible in the Valladolid-Palencia Smart City scenarios.
  • Cooperating in the development of the Initiative in the medium and long term by participating in the Standing Committee.


The main tasks of the Technical Secretariat shall be to:

  • Boost the activity by promoting projects and considering the demonstration scenarios of Valladolid and Palencia as a priority
  • Coordinate communication with the City Councils
  • Represent the Initiative and its promoters, as has been stated in the Membership Letter
  • Coordinate dissemination
  • Supporting the municipalities of Valladolid and Palencia in the coordination of the Standing Committee